Stjepan Lukšić

Stjepan Lukšić

Data Warehousing and BI Solution specialist, CROZ Ltd., Zagreb

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During several years of work in the IT industry, he worked in the field of design, modeling, development, business analysis, testing on a number of projects that have used different technologies. During last years activity focuses on working with data warehouses and their knowledge and skills focused in that direction. Along with the development of data warehouse, parallel and specializes in BI solutions. With constant improvement and monitoring of technology trends, upgrading their knowledge and skills, as evidenced by professional certifications from the domain database and BI systems.

In projects takes over the role of team leader, and the projects we are working on the principles of agile methodologies, with adjustments that are specific to DW and BI development.

Works with a number of powerful integration platforms tools that are offered on the market. Of the commercial worth mentioning Informatica PowerCenter as the leading tool, and IBM DataStage and MS Integration Services. Of Database Management Systems has the most experience with the Oracle system, and also works on MS SQL Server and IBM DB2.

In addition to commercial tools, is devoted to the work and research of open source solutions in DW and BI, among which should be emphasized Talend Open Studio, PostgreSQL, Jaspersoft BI and SpagoBI platform, and increasingly important tools for Big Data Analytics.

Through years of working on various projects, he gained experience working in various industries, mainly in the financial industry. With many years working in the banking and credit card institutions should be pointed out and work in the telecom industry and on projects within the government.