Milica Projić

Milica Projić

Project Manager, Development Agency Zagreb, Zagreb


As project manager (of projects mostly financed through EU or Croatian biddings), she relies on 14 years of hands-on experience in preparing and implementing over 50 projects directed at entrepreneurship (business incubators), financial education and debt management, microcredit, process of creating public policies and fiscal decentralization. She is qualified and educated in the field of financial management and entrepreneurship, but is professionally focused on project management (at first in the civil sector and in the last year in the public sectors as well through her work in the Development Agency).

She has an extensive experience in developing, managing and implementing projects relating to economy development and civil society support. She has identify and developed collaboration with relevant stakeholders such as: institutes, civil society  organizations, governmental or nongovernmental, business sector, chamber of commerce and donor organizations; and included them in more than 80 workshops/training organised for different participants. Major of her work included support to entrepreneurs helping them in developing and managing sustainable projects which have been successfully running after the donor findings ended.

She has been responsible for organization of more than 20 domestic and international conferences for economic development, microfinance for housing, financial education, EU funds absorption, State budget spending, fiscal decentralization, SME policy. Through her project work, she has worked on building institutional capacities of IT Business Incubator and CSO Roma Resource Centre.

She has MSc in Economics and currently working on her PhD.