Irena Matković

Irena Matković

Director, Croatian Institute for Spatial Development, Zagreb

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Professional experience covers the wide range of topics and tasks related to the urban planning and strategic development planning of City of Zagreb, during the long-term engagement in City offices – City Spatial Planning Bureau and City Office for Strategic Planning and Development.

She coordinated the preparation of problem/program analysis for the various City areas, as well as preparation of urban development plans.

From 2009 to 2012, she was the project leader of the process of design of ZagrebPlan (Development Strategy for the City of Zagreb).

From May 2014, she is the director of the Croatian Institute for Spatial Development, an institution that prepares spatial plans adopted by Croatian Parliament or the Croatian Government as well as the other documents related to spatial planning of the Croatian territory.

She has been the author of several articles, mostly associated with the urban development of City of Zagreb, and teaching assistant at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Architecture.