Davor Komerički

Davor Komerički

Board member, NGO prof. Balthazar, Zagreb

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Honest entrepreneur is the best description of the founders of the creative group 5 / GROUP and  one of the most experienced regional experts in the media industry. This agronomist and nature lover originator of numerous successful projects, one of which is an interactive exhibition about Croatia, Be CROative.

 It is this exhibition beginning of the project ZEZ Center (Scientific educational and entertainment center), the first Croatian scientific center which includes innovation, creativity and knowledge. All three values are common description of Davor , which is before the start of activities in the field of popularizing science in more than 30 years of experience was a TV producer and creator of media content in this region and organizer of numerous well-known events .

Since 2011 he has cooperated extensively and becomes a member of the Assembly of the Association prof. Balthazar with which continues the development of the project ZEZ particularly through the organization of the Scientific picnic which will be held this year for the fifth time.. The multi-annual work resulted in the prize for the best social impact investment South- East Europe in February 2016, on the World Business Angels Forum in Istanbul. By linking public and private sectors, he was the initiator to ZEZ center will become  the first Cooperative in this part of Europe as a  example of social entrepreneurship.